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Significant value in a business is represented by its Industrial, Commercial and Intellectual Property (ICIP) assets such as Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyright and Trade secrets. They are object of intangible property and as such they can be licensed, assigned as well as charged as security. For these ICIP intangible assets to thrive properly, they particularly require continuous good care and constant maintenance.

We protect and strengthen the values of our clients' assets whatever their business challenge is whether it's the assignment of ICIP rights, licensing, determining the royalty rate or the value of the portfolio to benchmark an investment, to reinforce negotiations or for the purposes of mergers and acquisitions.

IP Bull
On your instruction, we can:
    • ensure you the full vision of the bundle of rights involved and their intricacies;
    • facilitate your ICIP portfolio efficiency and optimal return on investments;
    • advise and place you in a position of knowledge in dealing with ICIP assets;
    • provide you analytical overview and ICIP due diligence that keeps at bay embarrassing and costly misjudgments;
    • actively assist you in gaining the overall insight on the status of ICIP assets;
    • make available the options to leverage your ICIP portfolio, enhancing return on investments and profitability.

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