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Copyright protects the copying and distribution of certain categories of works, such as paintings, books, music, plays, films, sound recordings and broadcasts. Copyright Property Rights arises automatically once the work which must be original is created and is not subject to registration. However, it is advisable to register a copy of the work only for the purpose of ascertaining the date of creation.

Copyright confers on the owner the exclusive right to prevent anyone not having his consent, from reproducing the work, issuing copies of it, communicating it to the public, performing it in public, or making an adaption and dealing in infringing copies by way of trade.
On your instruction, we can:
    • advise on the bundle of rights arising out of copyright, vis a vis, cover rights, serialisation rights, dramatisation rights, film rights, radio and television broadcast rights, translation rights, etc;
    • advise on Technological Protection Measures (TPMs) and Rights Management Information (RMI);
    • watch for environmental threats against the Copyright
      and the Related or Neighbouring Rights
    • advise on licensing, assignment and profitability of the Copyright and the Related or Neighbouring Rights;
    • negotiate disputes settlement, prosecute infringements, defend the subsistence of the Copyright and the Related or Neighbouring Rights;
    • activate enforcement measures and customs related assistance.

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