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Internet Domain Names

Internet Domain Name is a unique name that identifies a website. It uses Domain Name System (DNS) to point to a website. It is administered by the Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Domain names are strategically important for branding, e-commerce and communication.

Internet Domain Names are routinely registered alongside trademarks or company names and their infringement is still common through the abusive registration of other people's trademarks as domain names, the so-called cybersquatting. Internet Domain Name renewal is important to avoid disruption of website and email services, loss of potential customers and income, damage to image and reputation as well as bad press.
On your instruction, we can:
    • search for domain name conflict;
    • advise on domain screening and clearance;
    • monitor and promptly react to environmental threats of cybersquatting and infringements;
    • activate the uniform domain dispute resolution procedure (UDRP) and manage it through to decision;
    • manage the Rights Protection Mechanisms applicable to new gTLDs i.e Legal Rights Objections (LRO), Trademark Clearing house (TMCH), Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS), and Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (PDDRP).

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