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Our service portfolio is designed to keep our clients in condition of making informed choices and taking timely advantage of the opportunities deriving from their Industrial, Commercial and Intellectual Property rights and to proactively face the challenges posed by threats and infringements of the same rights.
Industrial, Commercial and Intellectual Property

We are well grounded in our professional experience and  adequately equipped with the principles of best practice to provide strategic advisory services to key functional areas of business in diverse areas of corporate sectors.
We provide an all round service and employ different interconnective service layers to ensure our client the protection afforded in law in all aspects of Industrial, Commercial and Intellectual Property and the enjoyment of their intangible assets. Our services are cost effective and include:

  • Administrative Proceedings: Opposition, Revocation, Invalidity;
  • Advisory services:   IP Threats, Due Diligence Enquiries, Investors Advice , International Trade and Investments, Joint Ventures;
  • Contracts: Licensing, Assignments, Agency, Distributorship and Franchising, National / International Commercial Contracts and Transfer of Technology;

    • Enforcement/Litigations: Validity, Infringement, Unfair Competition and Passing Off, Counterfeiting, Defence, Entitlements, Copyright, Piracy, Contracts, Border Enforcement Action;
    • Intelligence Operations: Searching, Clearance, Watching, Protection;
    • IP Management: Renewals, Annuities;
    • Settlement: Disputes Negotiation, Co-Existence Agreements, Alternative Dispute Resolution;
    • Support: Legal Documentations, Translations, Validations.

IP Strategy
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