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Cookies consist of computer registration of information sent by a web server to the user's computer for future identification of that computer when the user in the future visits the same website again. Cookies help to facilitate the analysis of web traffic and allow web applications to send information to individual users. With exclusive reference to users of unregistered site:

a) No user data is acquired from the site;

b) Cookies are not used for the transmission of personal information, neither persistent cookies of any kind are used  nor systems for tracking users.

c) Session cookies used on this site avoid using other techniques potentially prejudicial to the privacy of the users and not allow the collection of personal identification data. At any time the user can delete cookies from your system, in different ways depending on your browser.

Types of Cookies
There are three types of cookies:

- Technical Cookies. This are essential cookies for the correct functioning of the website and are used to manage the the site reserved functions. Their deactivation may prevent proper functioning of the site.

Analysis Cookies. These cookies are used to collect and analyze anonymously traffic data and how the site is used. These cookies do not identify the user, but allows the gathering of information about what the user does over a period (such as how many times a user returns to the site in a given period). All these data are only for statistical purpose, and on our part, to help us to improve improve the user's experience of the website and the optimal performance of the same. The deactivation of these cookies can be done without any loss of functionality.

- Profiling Cookies: These are cookies used to identify (anonymously or not) user's preferences and in some cases convey to it targeted advertising of their interests. THIS SITE DOES NOT USE ANY PROPRIETARY PROFILING COOKIES.


Some features on this site may contain third-party cookies. For example, watching a video advertisement you may receive cookies from the site where the video content is served. Similarly if you share content of this site through social networks (by clicking the Like on Facebook, or Twitter Tweet), you may receive cookies from these services. We can not control the settings for these cookies, then you must check these sites to get more information about their use of cookies.

These are third-party cookies that may be present on this site:

- Google+ (social):
- Google Analytics – (analisi):
- Facebook –
- Twitter – (social):
Disabling third party cookies does not affect in any way navigation on our sites.
The most widely used web browsers allow different settings for proprietary cookies and those of third parties.

You can set your browser so that it accepts or denies the use of cookies. However, care must be taken as complete disabling of all cookies may inhibit the proper functioning of some of the website's features. It is therefore recommended to evaluate site by site and cookies by cookies, which to accept and which to reject. As previously stated, some browsers allow for example to disable only the third-party cookies.
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